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Alcohol is a need B*tch-Dairy Free

Now I imagine most of you are thinking-what do consuming alcohol and living a life dairy free have in common. One word - restriction. It can feel very restrictive sometimes to not be doing what everyone else is doing or consuming what everyone else is consuming. Fun facts-90% of the population drinks alcohol, no wonder why my friend alcohol thinks she is so important, almost everyone includes her in their lives. 60% of the population is dairy intolerant yet most people are so used to feeling less than amazing, they have no idea what is the cause of their lack of energy or bloat or leaky gut or any of the other common ailments we all face. I have been dairy free since May 2020, our son was born with the inability to break down the enzyme lactose. (I learned this by trial and error. Cutting out dairy first since I knew it was so common.) I was nursing him, so if I consumed dairy, he consumed dairy. Bummer for me, bummer for the ice cream companies since I was such a major fan of all varieties of the deliciousness they had to offer, big win for my son who no longer was back arching screaming in pain ALL THE TIME!

As time went on, my body stopped producing the enzyme lactase which breaks down lactose. This is very normal and a common thing that happens, considering we aren't supposed to be consuming the massive amounts of dairy that we do these days. The body will course correct when given the chance. Fast forward to today, my son is no longer nursing, but my body has quite the negative reaction if I accidently consume dairy. Like immobilizes me kind of negative reaction. My needy B*tch friend alcohol-she had a lot to say about restriction when I started making changes to our relationship. She kept trying to tell me-ok so let's get this straight, you have already given up dairy, one of the BEST food groups out there and now you are going to give up on me? On red wine and ice-cold beer? What a bore you are about to be. What kind of fun is someone who doesn't eat sweet treats, dive deep into the queso dish or drink wine? I listened to her and kept her close for longer than I should have, because I thought she was right. How restrictive and miserable is this going to be? Who is going to want to be around someone who doesn't eat or drink anything "fun." Am I going to want to be around myself? And I am here to tell you with every fiber of my being, whole heartedly yes. The "restriction" was a choice in my head, a thought. Another lie my friend alcohol was telling me. And the beauty of these brains that we have, allows us the capability to look at those thoughts and choose to think better, in a way that serves us and brings us peace. So, I have chosen to see this lifestyle as an honor, to me, my relationships, my kids, my marriage and my body. The best version of me continues to break out a little more and more each day. As my friend alcohol's role in my life begins to fade, so do her lies about me needing her to be fun, to be included, to be anything other than exactly the amazing human God made me to be. There is so much freedom that came when I gave up the thought that any of this felt "restrictive." I don't need my needy ass friend alcohol to have any input, influence or opinions on anything I consume.

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