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Alcohol-Spontaneous Sobriety

Mid October 2022 I was interviewed on the Sober Mom Life Podcast about my journey with alcohol. For me, things just weren't making sense any more. Alcohol was taking more than it was giving. I don't feel like I had a drinking problem, I had more of a problem with all the drinking! The amount of space and time I spent in my head trying to figure out how to make alcohol work was exhausting. I am not counting days, I am counting firsts. I drank my last drink on August 13, 2022. Not knowing it would be my last. Still not knowing if it will be my last. I don't need to have it all figured out, I don't need to know the exact plan. All I know is my life is a hell of a lot easier without alcohol in it. Parenting, connecting with my kids, growing my business, my relationship with my husband, heck even getting myself to do house work is easier! I truly never thought this was possible for me. I wanted to take it or leave it. And honestly, that is where I am and I am so thankful for this journey. More to come but here are the show notes from the podcast, as well as the link to listen if you would like!

As the child of parents who owned a bar, alcohol was ever present in Jami’s life from the very beginning. After becoming a mom and starting an organic juicing business though, Jami began questioning alcohol’s presence in her new life. So, she began paying attention. She realized that alcohol was that ‘needy girlfriend who wanted to go everywhere, invited or not’. The lakehouse… the wedding… the birthday dinner… the bachelorette party - alcohol was a needy bitch. So, she decided to take some space. The result? Sobriety and freedom. Genuine laughter, supportive friendships, and real joy. Join The Sober Mom Life FB group - We have merch!!!! Check it out here! Click here to follow The Sober Mom Life on Instagram Love this show? Let me know by rating and reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts! Check out our sister podcast, Brand New Information!Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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