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3 Day Cleanse Package-DELIVERY

3 Day Cleanse Package-DELIVERY

If you’re lacking energy, have brain fog, find yourself eating mindlessly through out your day, if you’ve wondered if you have a food sensitivity, then a cleanse package may be exactly what you need. Taking a break from your normal food routine and consuming raw fruits and vegetables only can be massively transformative!

Day 1-4 juices & 1 shot

Days 2 & 3-4 juices, 1 shot & 1 superfood salad with avocado

Immerse yourself in the delight of 12 organic juices, 3 energy charged wellness shots, and 2 superfood salads. The included mini guide is your ticket to a journey filled with energy and vibrancy.


Detailed Juice menu includes:

3-pure organic celery juices

3-apple+orange+carrot juices

3-lemon+cucumber+leafy greens+celery


3-lemon+apple+ginger wellness shots

2-superfood salads loaded with fresh organic veggies, organic dressing and an avocado to split between the 2 days!




Elevate your spirits, reset your vibe, and make healthy choices the new fun habit! Embrace the joy of nourishment, because with The Just Juice Cleanse package, feeling fabulous has never been this refreshing!

No refunds on cleanse packages

  • Additional Info

    Cleanse packages require refrigeration within 2 hours of drop off. If the temperature is above 40, please leave a cooler with an ice pack outside or plan to be there between 9am-12pm. Thank you!

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