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36 cloves of garlic, yoga sculpt and UTI’s

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I woke up at 3:47 Monday morning with that unmistakable feeling before you get a full blown UTI. My eyes wide open, I crept to the bathroom hoping I was wrong. Nope, not happening, also not wrong. I have so much to do. And it’s been like 20 years ok maybe like 15 years since I’d had one but you never forget that feeling. I grabbed my big cozy Aztec blanket and snuggled in on the couch thinking I could fall back asleep. That’s almost laughable now! The feeling of having to go to the bathroom every 4 minutes is not relaxing or calming or sleep inducing. Especially when I’m thinking about all the things I was hoping to do that Monday. The first Monday of a new year and I hadn’t been to the gym in 2 weeks! My body and mind needed to get there. So I did what any other natural wellness loving human would do-check out the old phone. I slide the airplane mode into the “off” position and go to Duck Duck Go (Google alt.) and start looking for natural UTI remedies. I came across this article: which led me to the incredible benefits of consuming raw garlic. I happened to have some on hand, thank goodness the manager at the Co Op happened to hand me some “garlic with the green thingys poking out” last week. I always accept questionable produce. So I took 3 cloves of garlic and chopped them up into bite size pieces and swallowed them. No chewing was involved. It took 3 handfuls and 3 gulps but it went. And so did the burning and pain. I kept reciting to myself in the mean time “this pain will come and this pain will go.” Wish I’d been smart enough to think that mantra through 2 labors. To my amazement the symptoms were gone in 2-3 hours. No joke, I could go to the gym, bring my daughter to school and go on with my day. I did the garlic regiment 2 more times that day and viola I was cured! Muahahahahhaha until Thursday morning that is. That tricky little UTI came a back alright! Not cool. So I started up with the garlic again 3 cloves cut up and swallowed. Went to the gym, had to sprint off the treadmill and to the bathroom at least once. From there we went to the Life Preservers natural food store. Where the 2 kind women were more than happy to help me and they knew I was their kind of person when I told them I’d been fighting it with garlic. If you know you know. So I was then led to the Goldenseal tincture. Still not 100% sure what that is but I will research more. I also purchased some cranberry annose capsules. $50 later and I was on my way. I am on day 2 of:

3 cloves of garlic chopped and swallowed 3 times a day.

2 cranberry annose capsules twice a day

1 goldenseal tincture 3 times a day

I am going to keep this up for one more day and then drop the garlic after tomorrow and do the other 2 for 2 more days. Total of 5 days treatment. Which is less than 3 months. Which is about how long it takes for your gut to heal after being on antibiotics. I wanted to not be in pain, not be on antibiotics and not have reoccurring UTI’s. The gal at Life Preservers mentioned that when they come back this soon-in my case Monday to Friday, they come back smarter and stronger. So needless to say, I will be following out this entire protocol even though I am symptom free. What does this have to do with Yoga Sculpt? I’m just apologizing to the women next to me who probably wondered why it smelled so much like an Italian restaurant up in that 87 degree room. No spaghetti noodles or red sauce here. Just a gal trying to stay out of the medical system and be the CEO of my own health. By the end of this I will have eaten 36 cloves of garlic. 36. But like I said earlier, if you know you know and you will do anything to not know that pain even if it means consuming 36 cloves of garlic.

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