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"Cancer numbers starting to decline." Walleye Dan's Story

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I'm just so excited to share how Just Juice impacts lives in the Brainerd Lakes Community! Just Juice is more than a brand, a company or a bottle on a shelf. To me-it is about the people who are consuming it and how it betters their lives. I have asked some friends whose paths I have crossed on this journey if they would like to share their story and the impact it has had on their lives. I am forever grateful for their openness and willingness they all have to share their story.

When I asked Dan to share his story about how Just Juice impacted his life, he shared: "I was introduced to Just Juice by John Poston (former State Representative), who was so kind to buy me a jug every week as I was coming out of my stem cell transplant down at Mayo Clinic."

Each week I would bring growlers of fresh juice to the Kids Against Hunger building, (now called the Outreach Program). I would leave them outside and a friend or family member would come grab them and deliver to Dan. When I asked Dan about his cancer journey, he shared: "I had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma back in July of 2019, after my unsuccessful stem cell transplant, I began drinking Just Juice and it seemed to help my cancer numbers start to decline. I did this for approximately a year, also taking my immunotherapy drugs and the combination seemed to do the trick." When I asked Dan how things are for him now-"These days my cancer numbers are pretty much in check and I will now grab a bottle of Just Juice from time to time at Schaefer's Foods in Nisswa." I wondered if he had a favorite juice! When I asked him he went on to say- "I don’t have any particular flavor that I “go to”, it just depends on the day."I asked Dan what he would tell someone who has never tried juicing or a Just Juice product- "I certainly would recommend you give Just Juice a whirl. It may be just what the Dr. ordered!"

Thank you Dan for sharing your story and for allowing Just Juice to be a part of your healing journey!

I wish drinking Just Juice was the answer for cancer and that it was that simple. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complex than that. The body goes through such a journey and needs the extra vitamins and nutrients that juicing can provide. Especially to someone who may not have an appetite or the ability to chew hard foods. I lost my mom to cancer in April of 2013, and I can't help but wonder if I knew then what I know now, perhaps I would have been able to help her. All I know now is that it is my mission to help anyone I can to live a healthier lifestyle by adding these nutrient dense beverages into our bodies.

A video series I came across since then, has been very helpful to understand the impact of juicing and cancer. The link below will bring you to that site. Explore it for yourself! I wish you all a healthy, joy filled, long and well lived life! ♥️Jami

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Stem cell transplant January 23 2023. Mayo Clinic. I appreciate the paragraph about appetite! It’s so difficult to endure. I have tried Just Juice From coop in Brainerd. Great article. Mimi S.

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