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Agatha go to your room

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Have you ever thought of naming your inner voice to try and get some space from that miserable woman? I have. Her name is Agatha. While it took some time to name her, I knew this part could not be rushed. Her name is just miserable even. Agony, antagonistic and just rude. Sorry to anyone out there with the name Agatha, I’m sure it’s fitting and beautiful for you! This girl for me though has to get locked in her room throughout the day. Sometimes I have to put her in there hundreds of times. She’s also the part of me that keeps me alive and the old primitive part of my brain that likes to take the easy road, make short cuts, remind me of what I’m not doing or constantly reminding me of what I need to do in the future. So while she’s not all bad, she’s a presence stealer. I don’t want to destroy her, I just want to manage her. It takes constant reminders to her that we are running this life show together and that if she works with me she can come out of her room, as long as she’s serving the best version of me. Not trying to keep me where I am or bring me back to where I was. Evolution baby! Let’s go human race, let’s all name our inner voice and be aware of that less than pleasant version of ourselves that may be holding us back. I dare you to ask God or the Universe to help you name your inner voice and see what happens!

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