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Why a lakeside luxury event?

The idea for the Lakeside Luxury Experience came to me this past winter. This was by far the least snowiest winter in Minnesota that I’ve ever experienced! While there wasn’t a lot of snow which was nice for driving, it wasn’t great for recreational activities. Which led me to spending a little extra time scrolling the good ol’ Instagram. I came across a company that offers floating sound baths. Where you float on a raft in a pool and experience sound bowls! I of course wanted to do something like this in our area!

My first thought was to try and rent out a pool. Which I tried to do. In July. In the Brainerd Lakes Area. Not an easy task. The resorts are jam packed that time of year, so a pool wasn’t going to work. I had to get creative. What’s more Minnesota than the 10,000 lakes we have and are so well known for? What if I could create a floating sound bowl experience on a lake! I reached out to a paddle board company to rent stand up paddle boards for all attendees to float on while sound bowls played.

Great idea, very difficult logistically. That idea wasn’t going to work this time. But I wasn’t giving up. My brain was on fire about how to make this experience happen!

I went to work immediately. I could feel the energy of this idea and knew it could be done. I get this feeling inside me that is hard to explain when I am being guided to create something that will bring people together in a unique and memorable way. It is my calling and I love to honor it.

I knew exactly what lake I wanted to be on and what resort I wanted it at. I needed it to be a beautiful, calm and peaceful location that is connected to nature. I of course reached out to the event coordinator at Nature Link Resort in Nisswa. That location for me was a no brainer, it seemed obvious. I have held 3 successful events here already in 2024 and I knew this was my place. I shared with her my wild and crazy idea. We talked logistics and she said it was a YES! Time to create and make this thing happen! Side note bonus-the lakeside barrel sauna is ours to use that day as well!

Back to the sound bowls and where this whole idea got started! At a Boreal Bliss Yoga retreat I had the amazing opportunity to experience singing sound bowls for the first time. It was a dark, cozy winter night deep in the woods with a giant fire roaring. Let me tell you, it’s something I will hold in my heart for a long time to come. I reached out to my friend Jessica, who played the bowls that memorable night to ask if she could play the sound bowls by the lake and if she was interested in collaborating with me. Again, another YES! While the guests may not be floating during this experience, they will be lakeside enjoying the natural acoustics from the wide open lake and hear her playing them from the dock. This is going to be incredible! Jessica hosts day retreats, teaches yoga, and is an incredible addition to the Boreal Bliss Retreat team and I’m incredibly honored to have her talents with us for this experience. Singing sound bowls, from a dock. In July. In Minnesota.

I also wanted to incorporate some sort of healthy movement into the day. It seemed as though everyone I ran into for 2 weeks straight was recommending I connect with a gal named Jody Davis. So of course I did! Jody and I met for coffee and tea at Stonehouse in Nisswa. It was an immediately a great connection and conversation. I asked her if she could teach pilates on the beach, lakeside to women of any fitness level. It was a YES! Jody recently opened a gorgeous pilates studio in Baxter called Great North Pilates and I am so happy and thankful to have her teaching at this event!

The food and beverage-as most of you have come to know and expect from a Just Juice event-fun, healthy and unique offerings. There will be giant salads with fresh seasonal produce grown by local farmers. There will be an adorable and refreshing Mocktail bar with fresh juices made by me! Gorgeous garnishes, herbs and adaptogen add in’s. There will be locally made sourdough and whipped butter. There’s a jalapeño cheddar that I can’t wait to share with you! The buffet will have a variety of vibrant fruit, vegetables and of course all the dips. I love dips. One time I got cut off of dips at a restaurant because I wanted so many. Any other dip lovers out there?

Wellness wardrobe swap. Anyone else love to get new workout clothes or new to you work out clothes? Only to wear them a couple times and move on to something else? I feel like each season I want my work out attire to change. Bright and flashy in the summer, earthy tones in the fall and winter. Maybe some hot red leggings in February. Anyway, you get my point-if you’re like me you don’t want to just get rid of them because someday or some season you might want to wear them again! Or not…the wellness wardrobe swap is an opportunity for you to exchange your already loved (and washed) workout attire and take home something new to you! What a fun and eco friendly option!

Luxury. Why luxury? I want everyone to have the opportunity to know what luxury feels like, and this is the perfect chance to experience it in so many unique ways. From the location, to the experiences, to the food and to the women around you. I realize not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon spent by a lake or to experience a pilates class or try a new adventure like sound bowls. This event will unite all of these offerings in one beautiful space.

My main goal is for you to feel well taken care of. To feel like you can let it all go for an afternoon. To be present where your feet are. Whether they are dangling off the dock in Clark Lake, buried in the sand or dripping with sweat from the sauna. Enjoy some seriously deep and nurturing pure presence. To let the rest of life go for just a few long hours on a beautiful summers day in July. I want to treat you to this feeling, this memory that you can carry with you anywhere you go. You can close your eyes and be brought back to this enchanting afternoon spent Lakeside at any moment. Are you my next YES? Let’s go. I can’t wait to spend the afternoon with you!

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