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Cleansing with Just Juice and what does it mean?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

So many of us are looking for something to help our bodies reset, to gain more energy, to shed some extra weight, and most of all to just feel better. I am happy to share with you that all of those things are possible for you. Yes you, the one who has tried all the things. I would like to start by rebranding the very words cleanse or a detox. In our culture the word cleansing and detoxing have become buzz words for 100 trips to the bathroom, to quick fixes and so much more. I would like to challenge that and add a softer connotation behind it. This is not a quick way to lose 50 pounds, or have explosive energy in 24 hours. Although, you may lose some weight and have a lot more energy, this package that I have created is intended to give your body a break from constant consumption, refuel it with only food and beverages from nature and to interrupt unseen habits that are no longer serving you. To let the body do its job and breakdown food, save and utilize what it needs and rid itself of the rest. I believe that the body will heal itself by itself given the chance. This is a great place to start if you are looking to make some changes in your health and wellbeing. And by start, I mean YOU will have to put in the work before, during and beyond the cleanse to achieve true health and wellness.

There is no question that we are being inundated with a wide variety of toxins in today's environment that are hard for our digestive system to break down and unfamiliar to our bodies systems. Whether it be through the food we are eating that is sprayed with pesticides, chemicals and perfumes in lotions, soaps, or the water we drink or air we breathe. None of this is being mentioned to scare you, it is to create awareness that our bodies are being asked to filter out all of these toxins like never before and it is our job to help in any way we can.

You may benefit from a Just Juice cleanse if you are feeling consistently tired, brain fog, lacking motivation, poor digestion and most importantly a desire to change something. That little voice that is speaking to you, asking you to make a change. Please do note: you may feel all of the above-mentioned things while doing your cleanse and even flu like symptoms. This is normal and a good sign toxin are moving around.

How a Just Juice Cleanse works:

I like to think of it as a processed food vacation for 1 or 3 days!

The guide below is for the 3 day.

Your package includes:

12-12oz organic juices,

3-4oz wellness shots and

2 superfood salads with dressings (AMAZING dressings I might add) and an avocado. I also send along a mini guide similar to the one below!

Day 1: 4-12oz juices and 1-4oz wellness shot.

Days 2 &3: 4-12oz juices, 1-4oz wellness shot and a superfood salad.

I always start with green juice on an empty stomach and don't eat or drink anything for 30 minutes

The Shot-I personally like to drink these around 2 pm. Some people prefer around 11am. These little powerhouses are just that-meant to be powerful!

*You can consume water, herbal teas and a small amount of coffee if you would like, but no food on day 1, please drink more water then you are used to! *

Add in 1 superfood salad on days 2 and 3, eat those when it’s most important for you to share a meal with family! So you don’t miss out on those moments, that’s important too. But please don’t add any meat, dairy or sugary items- including other dressing to the salad.

There is no perfect way to drink juice other than to enjoy it. I like to think of the juices as flooding my body with nutrients that it so badly needs. Since there is little to no digestion required when drinking juice, it is able to get to where it needs to go quickly!

You need to be kind and patient with yourself. You’ll be surprised how much time we spend around eating. Talking about it, prepping for it, enjoying it, cleaning up after it, etc. you will likely crave even just the feeling of eating. If you ever feel weak or nauseated, grab some nuts or an apple, something of the sort. No cleanse is ever worth passing out or hurting yourself in any way. Ease back into solid foods when you’re done. It will do you no benefit to go back to eating foods that don’t bless your body. Remember why you chose to do this in the first place. Spend some time journaling about what you need in this life to show up as your best self and why it matters. Perhaps write it down and consult back to those notes when the cleanse is hard or you want to give up.

Everyone feels differently and will have different results because each person's toxin load is different. The mental game is challenging. But you can do this. Reminder- It is not intended as a quick fix. It is intended to bring about healing and an opportunity to know yourself better and to restart your system. Please make sure to set yourself up for success by committing to change, to allowing yourself to rest during this transformation, your body will be working hard to flush the system, so find space and time for low energy activities during your cleanse.

Drink alllllllll the water, you’re going to need it to flush out toxins. Let your family and friends know you’re doing this so they know to support you on your journey to a better version of yourself. I wish you great success and health on your journey to a new and better you! If you have any questions, you can always email

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