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Why Does Just Juice Sell Out So Fast

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

People often wonder why Just Juice products sell out so fast and why I am ok with it as a business owner. Before I can answer that, you might be interested in knowing how my little juice business works. Once a week I travel to four different locations and make batches of fresh organic juice. That's right, I haul my 75-pound commercial juicer in the front seat of my Honda CR-V, buckled in and all. The vehicle thinks it's a human because it is so heavy which results in the seat belt notification to ring on and on until she is buckled in safely. Good to know my juicer will have an airbag in case of an emergency.

When I get to each spot, I haul in lids, bottles, my red suitcase filled with my chef knife, large pitchers, a mini printer, snacks and headphones. Always headphones. And I of course haul in my 75 pound commercial juicer friend. Once I am at each spot, I love to catch up with the staff, check the shelves and get rolling. I decide on what size batches to make depending on pre-orders, seasonality and most importantly, demand. I have a rough estimate in my head about what each location is going to go through each week. I also have created a tracking system to see how much I am making each week and whether or not there are leftovers. I have some very helpful staff friends that message me when things are starting to sell out.

I make the juices in small batches for a number of reasons. One being that I want them to be the absolute freshest and healthiest beverage option in the Brainerd Lakes Area. I want you to experience the health benefits that come along with consuming fruits and vegetables in their raw form. I use all organic produce, if perhaps you are new to organic practices, I am happy and very passionate to share that they do not spray Glyphosate on this produce that we will be ingesting and putting directly into our bodies. More on this topic later. With no Glyphosate or other very harmful chemicals being sprayed directly on the fruit or vegetable, the shelf life in a refrigerator is much less than conventional produce. So, I want to use it up when it is alive and active, when it is most beneficial to our bodies. I don't have cases and cases of oranges stacked up; I order it in fresh weekly.

I think we have to talk about the shelf life on my juices compared to those at a bigger store. The juice I make is not pasteurized, which means there is no altering of the temperature to extend the shelf life. Just Juice Juices are "good" for one week from production day. If you are consuming a juice that has a shelf life of longer than 7 days, it is likely because that bottle has gone into a very expensive machine that conducts some sort of pasteurization process. A pasteurization process summarized is: quickly raising the temperature of the juice and bringing it back down. This heat process kills all living microorganisms, including the good ones that are most beneficial and impactful for our health. Pasteurization is not a process I am interested in for my products.

In summary, I am ok with juices running out quickly because they are getting into the hands of people in our community who value the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables in their raw form to nourish their bodies and help to make living healthier just a little easier. Those beautiful little juices carry a powerhouse of nutrients and a dense amount of fruits and vegetables that we may not be consuming through our daily food intake. It is my pleasure to travel around each week and create fresh, fun and healthy beverages for you to enjoy! Let me make the mess, buy massive amounts of organic and fresh produce and I'll even have fun cleaning the juicer. You just sip back and relax!


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