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Sharpen your knife

A couple months ago I started experiencing pain in my right shoulder. The shoulder that is attached to the arm that’s attached to the hand that cuts the fruits and vegetables to make juice. I ignored it. The pain moved around from my shoulder to my neck to my bicep. I saw the chiropractor, I got a massage, and then another massage with cups to remove the inflammation. All modalities helped relieve the pain. Temporarily. You see I wasn’t treating the problem, just the result of the problem. So in my mind, I was getting shoulder surgeries, quitting the gym for a month and having to hire someone to do my juicing. Dang you Agatha. Go back to your room. (See previous blog for ref.) Then one day while juicing in the kitchen at MN Traders in Pequot, the words “sharpen your knife” came into my mind. Hmmmm sharpen my knife? Could it really be that simple? I thought it was worth a shot. I’m beyond happy and thankful to report alls I needed to do was sharpen my chefs knife. I invite you to look into your own life and see that perhaps the fix your are looking for is a lot closer and within reach. Could your answer be as simple as sharpening your knife?

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